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In this scene Jennifer just came back from a long night at the Screen Actors Guild awards.  Tired and in need of professionalism.  Jennifer and I quickly blocked out our scene together.  Discussion was how do we get to the action.  It was suggested by me to act as if she is handing me her security badge.  As I reach out to grab it she drops the badge just trough my fingers.  As I reach down to pick up the badge she sucker punches me and takes control of the situation.  This was a true moment all actors hear about in class.  The action is not written into the scene it was not blocked there was no reshersal.  Clear communication between Jennifer and I ... We agreed and took our places.  Director yelled, “action” ... Jennifer begins her dialogue talking with Michael Vartan over the walkie ... On my cue I walk into scene catching Jennifer fussing with the airplane controls... “What are you doing here?”...

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Hiding for years behind my fear of success.  I’m a seasoned actor and look forward to a creative future.

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